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One on One Training

One on One personalized coaching tailored to your specific goals and progress.

Service Description

We will quickly help you find what is the next step in your journey, and dive right in! We offer both In-Person and online coaching on almost anything music and tech including these. * For In-Person coaching, there is a minimum booking of 2 hours. TOPICS INCLUDE: Melodyne & Vocal Production Mixing Mastering Singing Guitar Studio to the Stage! Live Looping and Performance Modern Studio Production Live Sound Production Modern DJ Techniques Advanced Industry Tricks & Tips Pro & Home Studio Setup Pro and Home Digital Setup Home Digital Life Solutions “Throughout my career, there were many times I could have saved myself a lot of time if I could have had just a couple hours with an expert” Derek Love

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Cancellation Policy

Please let us know within 48hrs if you need to cancel a session.

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